Merging real-world to blockchain

Asterix is a blockchain that will bridge the gap between the real-world sectors and the internet of blockchains.


Asterix Network will be a collection of layer 1 blockchains structured in a way to scale different real-world sectors like Finance, Entertainment, etc.

The network will use the “Nominated Proof-of-Stake” consensus faster than PoS or PoW to provide a faster, and one of the most decentralized networks in the world, which can onboard millions of users easily.

Asterix will provide a faster, scalable, and secure network for the WEB3 infrastructure.


Build for the world
The cutting-edge technology used in Asterix Network will help it to grow globally with minimum rate of failure.
Less transaction fee
The consensus mechanisms to be used in the network will help it scale but also will reduce the network fees drastically.
More secure
The block authoring algorithm along with NPoS will ensure the highest security possible along with a democracy which will ensure decentralization in the network.
Smart Contracts
The support for smart contracts will help developers to build and host their application logic on the network and could leverage the network's inbuild toolset to build with ease.
Energy Efficient
The consensus algorithm to be used in our network not only allows faster transactions but unlike PoW networks like BTC, the network's node doesn't need high computational power.
High Throughput
The algorithms used in the network will ensure high throughput and is designed to scale with the network.
Fork-less Upgrade
Asterix will store the runtime logic on-chain as WebAssembly thus ensuring upgrades without "Hard Forks" which is time-consuming and ensures to keep the network free from any security flaws
Highly Decentralized
The consensus uses a voting mechanism that ensures the selection of a set of validators for a period of time, ensuring democracy as high stake or high computational power won't give any weightage.

Built-in tools for developers

Our tools ensure the network's usability for developing applications easily and at the same time ensuring interoperability.

Asterix Wallet
A wallet to facilitate multi-chain transaction which will be a part of our blockchain ecosystem
Asterix Music
A music distribution and licensing platform on blockchain
Asterix Hash
A interaction-less payment solution which will cut off the waiting time at checkouts drastically
Asterix Point
A metaverse NFT gallery to bring NFTs to life


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Asterix (ERX) Coin will be responsible for P2P transfers, paying network fees, staking for on-chain governance, etc. on our network

Fund Allocation

Case Study

Financial Sector

The financial sector is the most affected sector globally and Asterix believes in using blockchain to make transactions faster and more secure by bringing in some of the financial instruments like ‘Cheques’, ‘Debit Card’, etc.

Medical Sector

We here at Asterix believe that bringing blockchain to the Medical Sector can give the data used in the field of study more credibility due to our concepts which can make the data, ‘tamper free’,  helping the healthcare system on a global scale.

Supply Chain

The supply chain is one of the most man-power-oriented sectors and due to which every large transaction in this sector takes many days due but what if we bring the blockchain technology? we will be seeing a drastic decrease in time taken.




*Dates mentioned here can vary but notice will be published for the same (if any)

Dec 2021

Phase 1

  • Token Launch
  • Marketing Campaign
  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • Auditing
Feb 2022


  • Concept Designs
  • Team Assembly
  • MVP design
  • Blockchain Development
May 2022

Asterix Hash

  • Implementation of Asterix Hash Beta
Sep 2022

Phase 2

  • CEX Listing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Asterix Wallet launch
Jan 2023

Asterix Hash SDK

  • Implementation of Asterix Hash SDK
  • Launching Asterix DEX
Apr 2023

Phase 3

  • Asterix Hash for public testing
Jun 2023

Asterix Point

  • Launching Asterix Point
  • a VR NFT Metaverse
Sep 2023

Asterix Music

  • Collab with artists for public testing
  • of Asterix Music


Frequently Asked Questions

Accordion Content

PoW as we know allows any validator to mine block as long as their computational power is higher than other which makes the network more centralized and less secure.

PoS on the other hand is faster and energy efficient than PoW but when it comes to mining block it prioritizes validators with the most amount of stake on the network which is again making the network more centralized and less secure. 

NPOS: Nominated Proof-of-Stake, inspired by Sequential Phragmen method is the process of selecting validators to be allowed to participate in the consensus protocol.

BABE: Blind Assignment of Blockchain Extension (BABE) primarily provides block authoring. In comparison with other consensus algorithms like AURA aka “Authority Round” which uses a round-robin to choose the authorities. BABE uses a verifiable random function (VRF). It breaks Time into epochs, and then those epochs into slots.

GRANDPA: GRANDPA (GHOST-based Recursive Ancestor Deriving Prefix Agreement) is the finality algorithm that works in a partially synchronous network model as long as 2/3 of nodes are honest and can cope with 1/5 Byzantine nodes in an asynchronous setting.

Asterix mainly focuses on expanding blockchain and integrating blockchain with real-world thus improving consumer technology and help different sectors adopt blockchain into their traditional working model.

Interoperability is the future and Asterix will lead the future by building a infrastructure of blockchain for each sector which will relay information with each other using central chain and will use atomic chain to enable interoperability. 

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